Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. Review.


Ambitious and self-confident girl-the killer, the daughter of a slave and bourgeois is the main character in Liberation, Avelina de Granpre, is the most prominent and interesting character in the whole series Assassins Creed. It is a pity that such a colorful character forced to live in such unconvincing performance, compiled by the writers Liberation.

At first, it is difficult to tie together the entire series of bloody murders, committed by Avelino. The motivation of the characters was vague and unconvincing, and almost comical attempts of hacks to implement a standard for any presentation of the script with love and romanticism in General, without tears will not look. The more bitter from the fact that here really has potential for a fascinating story, full of duplicity, cruelty and cynicism. So do not even try to understand the story, try to read between the lines and look for hidden meaning whenever you think that the heroes are evil, otherwise you’re in for a rude disappointment.

Unlike other installations in the series, Liberation almost does not apply to the Animus and Abstergo, to add to the story with some clarity and to throw the players food for thought. Although extracting genetic memory camera real virtuality are what make clear the screens download and closed floating elements of the software code areas, clarity in the strife between the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templars are making directly to citizens, Avelina which pierces the carotid artery.
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Structural the structure of most jobs in the Liberation not very different from those charged to the Altair, Ezio and Connor. Avelino cuts the throats of scoundrels, and it climbs the steep wall, floated in a canoe on the rivers and runs on the dilapidated temples. The convenient and effective combat system with fast attacks and lightning counter here too. The heroine deftly wielded stitching and cutting, so she nothing stands alone to deal with a bunch of retarded and slow enemies but thanks to the new tricks with disguises, players can and avoid the banal stabbing on the job.

Just for Avelina has three outfits: slave mistress and the standard uniform of a brutal killer with a dozen pockets for consumables tools and stylish hat-a cocked hat. Oddly enough, each image has its the advantages and disadvantages. Dressed a slave, Aveline can easily mingle with the crowd of servants, which many on the streets of New Orleans and not afraid to mess with tunic, boldly climbing on roofs and eaves. The lady prefers a more delicate approach to solving conflicts; cute smiling men, after which they will gladly jump on the belly of the sword of the attacking enemy to protect cynical lady, and easily impresses the guards, but refuses to climb on buildings, fearing that everyone would see her panties. In addition, the lady often becomes a victim of pickpockets.

But as you progress through the storyline of Mrs. will become less useful as Assassins Creed all built to move on the roofs of buildings and climbing walls.

Anywhere do not share also numerous collectible bonuses, generously scattered around the game world, and various additional tasks, bringing a lot of money, which you can then spend on equipment and weapons. Can be long cruising on the world in search of Mayan Idols and eggs of alligators and hours to sit in the mini-game with a trading vessel.

Not to say that Liberation looks bad in the technological plan, but also to praise it is also not desirable. The character models obviously lacks detail and the characters look like they planed wood, but the animation of movements and the elaboration of the game world cause a genuine delight.


I have the feeling that the developers have thrown in a bunch of different elements of the game that so many love famous series, added a few interesting ideas… and I’ve rammed all down. That is why Liberation is played like Assassins Creed, but the project strongly enough gloss and corresponding to the series of pomposity.

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