Dante’s Inferno Review

For all of the God Of War fans out there here comes one classical treat from Electronic Arts. God Of War was a amazing game that made a gaming revolution and almost invented its own genre. Therefore, Electronic Arts has decided to make their own clone named Dante’s Inferno. So is the clone better than the original? We don’t think so, but still Dante’s Inferno is a great game that takes best from the God of War: Chains of Olympus and puts in into its own universe.

If you haven’t heard the story is based around classical story written by Alighieri called the Divine Comedy, but unlike the Divine Comedy this game has to offer a lot more to its players when it comes to action. So story revolves around Dante, a Christian crusader who returns home and finds his love Beatrice killed and trapped in the underworld by Lucifer. In order to save his beloved one, Dante heads to Hell where he needs to fight his way through the hordes of the undead before he can kill Lucifer. On his way to Lucifer he will go through all nine circles of Hell and fight all sorts of bosses. It’s a classical romantic story that was seen in a book but adjusted so it would be much more interesting to the gaming community.

This game is filled with action and the main problem with action games on PSP is that you have camera that constantly shifts and jumps from the side to side providing you with poor look at the action. Well, you won’t have the same camera problem that many other action games have in Dante’s Inferno. Camera is similar to the one in God of War: Chains of Olympus and it shifts and rotates around the Dante providing you best viewing angle in most cases.

Let us focus on actual gameplay for now. In order to fight your way through the demons in this action-based game you’ll be using Scythe and the Holy Cross as your two main weapons, but sadly those will be your only weapons through entire game. Scythe is your melee weapon used to slash your opponents while the Holy Cross is used for casting spells. Basically it’s all based on heavy action and a lot of combos, blocks and dodging. However, even with the great camera and heavy action all the hacking and slashing can get boring after some time because moves tend to get reparative. There are no relics and new weapons like in other versions, so you’re limited to your Cross and Scythe until the end of game and this is the main reason why the moves are getting repetitive. Still although the moves look the same this game offers decent and heavy action that will keep you occupied.

With each demon that you kill on your way through Hell you’ll be using Holy Cross to collect his soul. Collecting souls is useful because unlocks new spells and combos that you’ll use and it keeps the gameplay fresh and interesting. There are two spell trees that are used for unlocking new spells by punishing or absolving the souls of the slain enemies. Punishing will unlock new spells in Unholy tree and Absolving will grant you new spells in Holy tree. That way you’ll be able to customize your character the way you like with different spells.

As for the graphics, Dante’s Inferno isn’t the best looking game on the market. All models look generic and less detailed than in other versions but the good thing is that CGI cutscenes look decent unlike the models. Thanks to the less detailed graphics, gameplay and framerate are smooth and constant without any drops and that is all that matters in a action game like this.

Although some elements are missing from the game, such as additional moves, relics, armor and detailed graphics, Dante’s Inferno provides a great story filled with action and makes this game a great God of War: Chains of Olympus clone. Therefore, if you are God Of War fan, try Dante’s Inferno, and you won’t regret it

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