Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review

I love playing games and I am a hardcore gamer. I have had the opportunity to play and witness many beautiful computer games. These games have kept me engaged and have entertained me, enriching my sense of imagination as I indulge myself in playing the game by its storyline. With the advent of games that allowed role play, my interest in such games rose sharply. One of the earliest interactive games that I saw and developed a penchant was the Kingdom Hearts. At that point of time, I was not bothered as to who made them and I made a mental note as soon as I saw the cover and attractive picture along with the Kingdom Hearts inscription that I decided to wrap it up at the next opportunity and I devoured playing the game throughout the day, the moment I set sights on the game and purchased it. The game had cast a magic spell on me. The game is brilliant. Truly a masterpiece, one of the best games ever made for the PSP. It is riveting, fast-paced and is astonishingly wonderful.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep is a real eye-opener. This version pivots around Terra, Ventus and Aqua, and their efforts to trace Master Xehanort. Action and role playing keeps one engrossed. One can engage himself in real time physical attacks and battle with the enemies, disappear in a jiffy as in a magic, and summon characters as and when the need arises. Behavior gets altered to suit the end objectives. A journal available in the main menu allows one to keep track of the progressive events that take place in the story, along with their characters and their locations. It was I who maintained the journal while playing the birth by sleep version, and it was challenging too. The game allows you to rise up in the various hierarchic levels, as you progress and subdue your enemies, one by one. You start possessing new abilities and skills as your level increases in the chain with experience. Although it was available in 2D only in the handheld version, it gained children’s popularity. Each Disney character lived in a different world and there was no overlap. The duration of time for which the main Disney characters prevailed and guided the player in his chosen path, also varied from one scenario to the next and also depended on the path chosen. Many features are left open-ended to provide room for reasoning, speculation and linkages to the next phase of the game-plan to maintain continuity. Speculation tends to leave the game open so that the individuals would want to renew their association with the game even when it has become old and replaced.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is the sixth version in the series, developed for the Play Station Portable series by Square Enix. The game uses a thoroughly revised battle system environment with a new command board, command console and additional dimension links added to make it worthwhile. The game is set to have taken place 10 years earlier. The theme consists of locating Master Xehanort and safeguarding the various worlds thrown open from the evil-minded ‘Universed.’ The command system, allowing higher purchase and power levels as one moves up the ladder, is a welcome addition. The command board, that becomes visible when a particular world is won over, is unique and different in every world on display. It allows characters in the FirstLock mode to cast spells in the person mode, making magical appearances and disappearances.

The dimension linkage allows one to garner the powers vested in their allies to be used to perform certain skills or action that a situation demands, to overcome enemies. However, the three plots share the same story, although in a different vein.

What I like about this game is its multiplayer capacity. Upto six players can play at the same time. Greater teamplay has been an action item which has been addressed in the game. People can actually co-operate and compete with one another, with even more freedom in this version of the game. Here again, you can ally, collaborate, remain separate or compete. Dwarf Woodlands and Enchanted Dominion are very impressive locations to play in. The heart and heartless theme overawed me. I could somehow relate to the bodies versus nobodies action adventures. The fights and cameos enthralled me and I was in awe, the game is amazing. It was challenging to play the game on the PSP, and I felt that with its extensive controls, luring gameplay and sound effects. In fact, it actually opened my mind to the various possibilities that existed to explore even on a very small display screen. You could begin from where you left or start fresh again. The game’s AI is very good. Every time I shifted my pattern, the game also would change course challenging my every move. Altogether, it is rendered beautifully, the visuals are pleasing to the eye, the effects are spectacular, the experience is thrilling, the music is touching and engaging the mind, and the sequences are well laid out and altogether enjoyable. So what more can I say about the game, it’s completely out of this world?

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