Lumines: Electronic Symphony. Review

Have you ever so heard only once the melody starts to continuously “scroll” in the head? You literally become obsessed with this rhythm: you humming this very tune in transport, the store, at work and even at home. But all ends at the moment when “savory slap the” boyfriend or girlfriend with the words: “Shut up! Got already!”, brings you back to reality. Is a short period of time … and you again think about it.

Of course, for the game Lumines you are unlikely to get, but intoxicating the effect of these falling cubes are very weird effects on the mind.

Music pause

Original Lumines debuted in 2004 – just in time for the launch PSP. No one even suspected that this “dark horse” for a short period of time will gather crowds of fans, easy to furnish more “pot-bellied” games forever will be remembered by players as one of the most exciting musical puzzles of all time. And now, eight years later, on the new platform from Sony we see the continuation of the legendary game. Lumines has undergone minor changes and, in fact, it is all the same a good mix from great music and falling from the top multi-colored cubes. But the developers could not add “different things” to the players ‘ interest to Lumines went to a new level.


One of the delights of Lumines is ease of development. Players need neatly to form blocks of four falling cubes of the same color to disappear. You need to build many more units until how left-to-right pass a vertical line, which will wind on your counter a hundred points.

Game process that requires accuracy and speed in itself interesting, but the developers decided to dilute its stunning music, which perfectly complements what is happening on screen.


Maybe seem that all the action is chaotic and meaningless, but it’s not. Electronic Symphony everything is subordinated to the musical rhythm. Therefore, it is not enough just to listen to the background melody, to her need to listen. The already mentioned vertical line passes through the screen with a certain the interval is bound to the current composition. It’s easy to catch the rhythm, linking their actions with the music and predict the appearance of lines, to earn as many points as possible.

But do not be afraid that you will not succeed to catch the rhythm. Hypnotic effect electronic music from amplified constantly pulsating background vibration which merges in unison with the sound path, forcing you involuntarily shaking his head to the beat.


And if that wasn’t enough, all of your actions find its reflection in music design: the rotation of the dice and a good combination. All of these actions produce different sounds, starting with a tiny reef to more complex melodious sounds. Over time you will begin to feel that you yourself create music. If it is subject only to you – and this is the “magic” Lumines.

The only a disadvantage of the game is the lack of creativity Daft Punk the list of songs. A pity, because the game presents a lot of great music tracks (more than forty, to be more exact). The presence of at least one track the legendary band certainly did not prevent anyone.



Music it has a strong psychological effect when pulsed visual design completes the emotional fusion of the player and Electronic Symphony, then the game becomes similar to a favorite song that wants to listen over and over again.

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