MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review

There are many great racing games for Sony’s consoles that and one of those games is MotorStorm. MotorStorm is a racing game that has achieved decent success on the PlayStation 3. Although there are several sequels available, MotoStorm debuted on the PlayStation 3. This is the main reason why PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable users were left out of this great game. Luckily, for all PS2 and PSP gamers there has been a MotoStorm version released for those platforms as well and it is called MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

If you have played MotorStorm before you surely know that MotorStorm is an off-road racing game in which you can choose several types of vehicles and choose several routes to the finish line. In addition, each type of vehicles has its unique stats, advantages and flaws. Since in this game we’re about to see snowy routes as well we’ve got several snow vehicles as well. As for the vehicles, there are several types available such as bikes, snow machines, ATVs, buggies ,rally cars ,snowpluggers, big rig and snowcats. The interesting thing about MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is that there are 12 tracks available and each of 12 tracks has several routes available for each type of the vehicle. Speaking of vehicles, each type of vehicles has three models available with their unique stats such as speed, acceleration, toughness, and handling. In addition, each vehicle can be customized with the parts that you find in the game so you can make your unique creations. So when you count it all there are 24 different vehicles, and 12 tracks available. It’s a fair selection and all players will have something interesting to find. Speaking of tracks there some of them that you’ll visit are Wolfpack Mountain, Eagle Falls, Widow Maker, Log Jam, Gold Rush, Vertigo, Mud Bowl, Ascension, Anguta Glacier, The Chasm, Northern Face and Snowgod Canyon.

Interesting thing is that certain tracks have hazardous sequences that can hurt you and your opponents. For example, if you go over an icy bridge you can easily destroy it with a heavy vehicle and damage yourself or your opponents that way. Also, one more interesting type of hazard is an avalanche that is caused by your horns or explosions. Avalanche is quite dangerous because it will sweep you and other players off the track or burry you in the snow. Interesting this is that you can cool down your booster if you drive through deep snow or water, and as for booster, it will sure come in handy in the later parts of the game. One warning when using a booster, if you go too fast while boosted and you hit an wall or an obstacle you will destroy your car entirely. Luckily you’ll just get a cutscene sequence that shows the destruction of your car and after the cutscene is over you’re ready to go back on track.

Speaking of gameplay and gaming modes, I should mention that there are several modes available such as Festival Mode, or simply Career Mode that has more than 100 races, Time Attack and Free-Play. As for the Festival Mode, it starts easy and you will easily win fist several races but soon the game will get harder than you expect because AI will get really aggressive at later stages of the game. You will have to choose your vehicle carefully and learn all the advantages of a certain type of the vehicle as well as the shortcuts that you might find. One thing that might trouble you in this game is physics because it seems that vehicles are too sensitive. Another problem that you’ll face is the AI. Computer opponents are doing weird stuff and it seems that they are not focused on the winning. Instead, they’ll focus on a ways to slow you down and make you lose, so it’s seams that you’re on your own against all of them. On the other hand, races are great because vehicles are fast and you’ll really get to feel that sense of speed. Besides great gameplay sound and graphics are amazing in this game and even if this is PSP version with limited hardware power all vehicles and tracks seem highly detailed and attractive and the same goes for the sound. The soundtrack is great in this game and all the songs will fit the races perfectly. There are all sorts of songs available from various artists such as The Prodigy, Bullet For My Valentine, Chemical Brothers, Radiohead and many others. As for the graphical details, you’ll even see raindrops and mud on your screen if you’re driving during the storm.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is an amazing game that will offer hours of fun and excitement with great graphics and amazing gameplay. Only flaw of the game might be weird AI and online problems. For some reason, there have problems with online multiplayer so if you want to enjoy MotorStorm: Arctic Edge in multiplayer the best way would be ad-hoc. Overall, great graphics and great gameplay make MotorStorm: Arctic Edge one amazing game that you must not miss.

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