Readers ‘ choice: turn-based and mobile tactical strategies by version

Last Saturday, we published a selection dedicated to step-by-step and tactical mobile strategies. And, according to our new tradition, we asked our colleges from make us your choice.

Shining Force

The first full-fledged part of the franchise Shining Force (not to be confused with Shining in the Darkness) – Hello from the time of Sega Mega Drive – in 2012 reached iOS. The good news: the owners of Apple devices received one of the best tactical JRPG of its time, in an excellent stereotyped and mostly laid the Foundation for the genre. The bad: responsible for the reissue people have not made even the slightest effort to optimize, which is why today the project looks very archaic.

Cosmo Battles

“Wargames” (for example, Panzer Generals) with their hexagonal cells and deep tactic, a thing in itself, otherwise you could not tell. They seem to fall entirely under the necessary criteria of step-by-step strategies but still stand alone-hence the separate name. Cosmo Battles-a typical wargame in a fantastic setting.

Battle for Wesnoth

From science fiction again we turn to fantasy. The battle for Wesnoth – one of the most famous “free” Hiking strategies. “Freedom” is that the project is distributed under a public license and is presented on a variety of devices running Linux (including Android). Apple’s technology also did not remain without attention of the authors, as well as everyone’s favorite Windows. But potato play is still more convenient, because we face the war-game again, perfectly adapted for touch screens and the gameplay session.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

As an exception, once again remember the perfect XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which was mentioned in three materials — a record (Five best sci-fi games, six best mobile ports with PC and consoles, five best games without Donat for Android and iOS). However, against the collective decision will not trample, so not to mention the brainchild of Firaxis would be akin to a crime against the audience. So, if you missed this ingenious sci-fi strategy, here’s a short educational program.


Lionheart Tactics

Lionheart Tactics is a vivid example of how poor marketing and a useless advertising campaign can cut to the root of significant development. No, seriously, take a look at the screenshots in the AppStore and Google Play – they become uncomfortable and lose any desire to spend their time on such a product. But do not rush to blame the creation of Kongregate in the secure boot. Because except for notorious illustrations and F2P-propagation model, all of them in order.

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