Rock Band: Unplugged Review

All fans of rock are surely familiar with the game that is called Guitar Hero that allows you to become a leading guitarist of a rising rock band and play all your favourite songs. Guitar Hero was a revolutionary game that has set the standards for all the future games that will involve rock bands. Guitar Hero was on the throne for so long as the best rock band game, but Electronic Arts and MTV Games have decided to release its own rock band game and that way Rock Band was born. Unlike Rock Band that is available on several consoles, Rock Band: Unplugged is PSP exclusive.

If you ever played any other rhythm game you’ll feel like you’re at home. Gameplay consist of “falling gems” that you must hit in the right moment to play the note. If you hit several notes correctly you can even enter the multiply mode that will increase of each block that you hit. Gameplay is really dynamic and exciting and it takes some practices before you can become good at it. Interesting thing in this game is that you don’t play a single instrument like in other versions, instead you have four different lines through which you will have to switch in order to complete the song. So this means that you’re responsible for the drums, bass, vocals and guitar all by yourself. Although this might seem like a hard task it’s not and it’s actually quite fun because you’ll have to constantly switch from one instrument to another. If you switch from guitar to drums for example drum will keep on playing on its own for a while but you must go back to it before the sound of the drum in your song fades. In order to play the instruments you’ll have to use left and up button on directional pad and triangle and circle button. Controls have been arranged perfectly and it will be easy for you to handle. As for switching tracks, you use shoulder buttons to do that, so it’s really easy to get used to controls and to master them. Interesting thing is a multiplier that can give you more points. However, if you’re good enough while in multiplier it will fill your energy meter that you can use to activate overdrive with the X button. Overdrive will double your multiply so if you had 5x multiply you will have x10 when you activate overdrive. Hover, double multiply works only if you have all of your members on the stage, but if any member has dropped out, you can get him back with the Overdrive. Overdrive works great and it’s the only way to get 5-star performance. Gameplay works great and it’s quite dynamic since you have to switch between tracks so it’s exciting and a lot of fun.

Of course, a heart of the game is a World Tour mode where you create your own band, name it, pick a logo and create your band members. As you progress you’ll switch from playing at bars to stages and you’ll get a lot of new things such as tour bus instead of a van. You’ll go from city to city and play and if you’ve played Rock Band before you’ll feel quite familiar with it. Here’s the first flaw of the game, Rock Band: Unplugged is so much like Rock Band 2. Everything is similar so if you’ve already played Rock Band 2, you might get bored with Rock Band: Unplugged easily.

As for the sound, the sound is great in this game and you have a big variety of songs available. There are 41 songs available but you can download more for a certain price if you want. As for the graphics, it looks good, colours look live but there are no custom animations for your band members like on other consoles, so they won’t act accordingly to your moves, instead, they will repeat the same pattern over and over, and that might look bit boring after a while.

As for other modes, there are World Tour, Survival and Warmup Mode. Survival is a lot harder than a standard mode and it’s only for the hardcore fans of the Rock Band. On other hand Warmup mode allows you to play only in one track without the need to switch between them, so it’s pretty good for training.

Overall, Rock Band: Unplugged is a good game, it’s fun, it’s dynamic but it has no multiplayer. So without a multiplayer, you’ll be bored when you complete the World Tour mode. In my opinion, Rock Band: Unplugged is great and fun experience until you beat the World Tour mode, after that it just gets boring.

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