What Are the Best Psp Emulators for Android? 2020 List Part 1

Emulators are programs capable of imitating the behavior of another specific program, they have been created with a reverse engineering process. This is how these softwares are mostly used to imitate the behavior of video game consoles.

In the case of Android mobile devices there are different programs that are capable of doing all this. Therefore, if you’re an Android user you can start enjoying your favorite PSP games here from your Smartphone.

In the case of the PSP console there are a large number of titles available to play and which you’ll be able to use directly from your Smartphone, this will allow you to have fun without the need to have a PlayStation Potable (PSP) console.

List of the 8 best PSP emulators for Android ready for free and paid download

The Android operating system does not cease to surprise its users, that’s how it is able to support emulation programs that will help you get better experiences on it. This is how there are different emulation applications capable of imitating the PSP from your mobile device or Android Tablet.

So here we show you the best 8 free and paid PSP emulators that you can install on your Smartphone:

PPSSPP-PSP emulator

Considered by many as the best Android application to emulate the PSP console, and not only is it capable of allowing you to play PSP titles, but also PS2 and PS3, you can download it completely free from the Play Store. It is characterized by very interesting features that make it easy for users to use, it offers a great capacity for compatibility with the games available on the console, and offers high performance in the reproduction of each of the titles.

It is worth mentioning that it contains advertisements which can be somewhat annoying for some users. However, these can be removed by purchasing the paid Pro version, which costs 6 euros. In addition, it offers updates that will help you maintain a good performance.


Another emulator that we will find available in Google Play is RetroArch, which has an excellent rating from its users and is one of the most downloaded from Play Store. It has the ability to emulate a large number of PSP games, which becomes a great advantage for everyone, since you can enjoy the most classic titles to the most recent.

In the case of RetroArch, it usually uses the Libreto system, where it runs different Plugins that act as emulators and are capable of playing almost all game systems. All this makes its operation and performance quite good, although this will depend mainly on the model of the computer and the version of Android you have. Generally, it is recommended to use in versions 4.0 or higher.

Like most Android emulators, it also has compatibility issues with some games, which will prevent all of them from being played by the application. Despite this, it is still one of the most used and sought-after emulation programs within the operating system.

Rapid PSP Emulator

You can find this application in Play Store completely free, it will allow you to enjoy PSP games from your Smartphone at a great resolution and game speed. Rapid PSP is characterized by running almost all available PSP games, taking into account that like other emulators some of them are not compatible.

Among its main features we find an easy adjustment of the game controls, excellent sound and image quality, compatibility with a large number of PSP titles, among many others. You can get all this through Rapid PSP Emulator.

It’s important to mention that you can manage all these games directly from your Smartphone without the need to adapt any type of control. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite PSP titles at all times regardless of where you are, an excellent way to spend a fun time with the help of the mobile.

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